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Hi I'm Jess, owner & operator of Sculpted Brows By Jess. With over 10 years of beauty industry experience & working with some of the leading industry providers, my passion has only grown more and more. 

Starting off by doing a cert 2 in hairdressing, I quickly realised it wasn't for me and wanted more. So I switched over to the beauty side of things, completing my beauty diploma and starting in a salon straight away. 

Focusing in advanced skin treatments and brow styling I knew this was the route I needed to take to start building my dream career.

I then went on to begin my cosmetic tattooing journey and became confident quickly , which then I started expanding my clientele with my new skills. 

Brows & beauty is not only my passion, but my life. I truely believe I don't ' work' everyday. I am purely just here creating beautiful brows and helping people become more confident in themselves. The reward of being able to help someone with something they may have struggled with their whole life  and giving them a little more confidence is the reason I do what I do. 

Stay tuned for this journey we are all on together, one beautiful transformation at a time.

Jess xx

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