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Image by Rachel Cheng

Ordering numbing cream

Pleated Fabric



Numbing cream is required for cosmetic tattooing. It is highly recommended to ensure you are 100% comfortable throughout your procedure. 

This numbing cream MUST be ordered through the compounding pharmacy to ensure you do not have any allergies or pre existing medical history that conflicts with the numbing cream formulas.

There will  be enough for your touch up appointment which can be kept in salon until your follow up in 6 weeks.

The link below will lead you directly to the order form.

Please select what service you are having, follow prompts and ensure all details are correct. The pharmacy will be in contact with you shortly after. There is an option for it to be delivered directly to the salon or you can pick up prior to your appointment. 

If you feel like you are particularly sensitive to treatments please let me know prior and i can organise additional cream to be supplied. 

Clinic name- Sculpted Brows By Jess

Location- Nundah


*Please note this will need to be ordered 4-5 days BEFORE appointment date to be made and sent out in time or it is available for pick up at Keperra.

 Numbing cream will be $45 inc postage.

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